Centaur Fencing

Why Centaur Fencing?

Centaur Fencing is one of the safest horse fencing options available today. The strength of high tensile polymer lines combined with a polymer rail gives the centaur HTP 5" rail up to a 4,200 lb breaking strength; enough to stop just about anything.

Even with that break strength, centaur products are built to flex in a way that prevents harm to animals and is as safe as possible.

About Centaur Fencing

Centaur® HTP® equine rail fencing is the horse friendly fence. The flexible design of the fence rail ensures that if a horse pushes or rushes the fence, the rail will give just enough to prevent injury without compromising the ranch perimeter.

Centaur Fencing as a company and an idea was born in 1980 when Ed Robbins, of ES Robbins, watched a friends horse severely injure itself running into a newly installed wooden horse fence and subsequently have to be put down. Ed, a horse lover and very knowledgeable in plastics, set out to create what we know know as Centaur Fencing, a horse fence that provides the absolute best in containment but will protect a horse with its built-in flexibility. And so, the Centaur 5" HTP was born.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful solution for your newly purchased property or you are looking at replacing older or potentially dangerous fencing currently on your property, Centaur has the product for you. Centaur's rail fencing is built with high visibility and a huge amount of breaking strength, but if you are looking for something a little more affordable, both the Poly Plus and White Lightning coated lines will do wonders in the way of safety and effective conatinment.