Gallagher Fence

Why Gallagher Fence?

Gallagher Fence is one of the world's top suppliers of electric fencing products. Gallagher's products range from the most affordable basic wire fencing up to more expensive ropes and braids, but all Gallagher products are of the highest quality material and manufsacture.

About Gallagher Fence

Gallagher is a worldwide leader in innovation relating to a variety of products ranging from horse fencing to security and fuel systems. But how where did Gallagher comes from? In the early 1930s, Bill Gallagher's horse, Joe, took up the habit of scratching an cribbing on Bill's cars. He put together a system that would deliver a small shock every time the horse rocked the car and this problem was solved. And so was born the first Gallagher electric fence. Since then innovation has come a bit further and brought you such products as the Gallagher Smart Fence and various electric fence chargers and tools that help you build the safest, most effective horse fencing system possible on your property.