Gallagher | 1 1/2" Turbo Tape

$ 181.99

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Brand: Gallagher 
Type: Electric Fencing/Poly Tape
Product #: G624544
Color: White
Size: 656'
Ideal Uses: Distances greater than 1/4 mile
Features and Benefits:
  • Fifteen mixed-metal wires.
  • Fifteen times more conductive than standard 1 1/2' Poly Tape.
  • Reinforced edges for longer life.
  • Open-weave for low wind resistance.
  • Resistance: 230 ohms/mile.
  • Ideal for horse fencing.
  • Best suited for distances greater than 1/4 mile.

Great Product

'After the initial short. sharp shock the first time a horse touches it. the fence then becomes a psychological barrier; they don’t go near it again.”