Fi-Shock® Ground Clamp

$ 2.99

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Brand: Fi-Shock®

Type: Clamp
Product #: GRC-FS
Color: silver
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Grounding


Product Information:

Need a top-notch connection of ground wire to ground rod? We have the product for you!


The Fi-Shock® Ground Clamp helps to make a superior connection of ground wire to ground rod. It's heavy duty construction ensures long usage. Packed 1 clamp per bag.





One Wire System


The one wire system means that there are only "hot" or charged wires running the perimeter of the fence.  One wire systems are often used for smaller areas -- areas with only one or two strands of wire.  Often a hot strain of wire is run along the top of a barbed or woven wire fence to keep the livestock from reaching over the fence.






Two Wire Systems


A two wire system is a great way to help the animal complete the circuit by touching the “hot” and a ground wire at the same time. The two strand system is used when there are multiple (3 or more) strands of wire and the wires alternate between charged and grounded wire. The idea is that the wire is alternated between “hot” and ground wire on the fence: one “hot,” the next ground, the next “hot,” etc.




This is most often used for large areas and has the benefit of increasing the chances of the animal touching a charge and a ground and thus completing the circuit. Additionally, the two wire system is ideal for areas with sandy or rocky soil. This system is also well-suited for animals with long hair or wool.


For these electric fence systems, the grounded wires will be connected directly to the grounding rod(s) or the grounding terminal on the fence charger, and the charged wires will connect directly to the fence terminal.


Fi-Shock® Means Leadership in Electric Fence Systems for Animal Containment and Control. Fi-Shock® provides safe, secure, superior quality electric fence products for all your fencing needs.


Fi-Shock® Ground Clamp - Specifications

  • Helps to make a superior connection of ground wire to ground rod
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 1 clamp per bag