Finish Line Fence

$ 399.00

​​​​​​​​Brand: Finishline Safe Horse Fencing
Type: Polymer Fencing
Product #: XV511. XV501
Color: Black. white
Size: 2.800 Feet (black) or 2.000 feet (white)
Ideal Uses: Keeping horses in and predators out
Features and Benefits:
  • Maintenance free horse fencing
  • Will not lose tension between -40 and 122 degrees F
  • 2000 feet/spool
  • Weights only 23 pounds
  • Breaking strength is 1.250 pounds/strand
  • Only horse fence of its kind to contain vital UV inhibitors 
  • Releases if a horse becomes entangled

Finish Line fence is the original and only warranted horse fence of its kind. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. Finishline Safe Horse Fencing is as strong as wire fences with 1.250 pounds of breaking strength per strand. It is protected by vital UV inhibitors that maintain product strength . flexibility and beautiful appearance for years. Finishline is lightweight and easy to install. It can be used with any type of post. So whether you pick T-Posts. Wood Posts or Vinyl. Finish-Line horse fence will look beautiful and safely contain your horses. Because it contains no wire. it will not lose its tension making Finishline horse fence virtually maintenance free. No unsightly sagging lines and no time wasted repairing fences. Finish-Line horse fence delivers. you will not be disappointed. 

Warranty: 7 year 100 % manufacturer warranty

Finish Line Fence

'I have some on the property. I used 5 strands ran through wood posts about 10 foot apart. When I had JUST my buckskin gelding and paint mare....I had no problems. they didn't even touch it. over the years I have gained more horses and needed to add a strand of electric to the top. mainly to keep them from leaning over the top to eat grass on the other side . it's pretty amazing stuff and we plan on adding more when we get more money. I had 2 horses run a gelding straight into it. he literally bounced off it. not a scratch. I also had this little squirrel-y yearling attempt to jump it.....LOL. little stinker nearly made it too. except her back 2 feet dragged the top strands. once again. no damage and the horse was fine. Stands up to all weather and still looks new after having it up for nearly 4 years. I love it.”< br>
Pataskala. OH

The test of time

'We went the property we used to own in Park City. Utah a few months ago. We redid pastures for our horses. this was the first time we tried Fence-line fencing. The pastures looked as good as the day we built them. That was at least 13 years ago. It is holding up to the test of time”

Ray Hadsall

The Last Laugh

'Having moved from the city to the upper country of Idaho this last fall. all my neighbors laughed when they saw me installing what they thought was cloths line for fence. After one of the worst winters in the last ten years the snow covered all but the top line at 54 inches. Smiles got bigger as the Finish-Line stretched to the ground with the snow load. As soon as the thaw came all the laughing was over as the Finish-Line popped right back into position at the same tension as when it was installed. All my neighbors are spending countless hours repairing their stretched and broken barbed wire. I on the other hand walked down to the pasture. twanged my fence to check tension and as a big smile came to my face. laughed the last laugh.”