Patriot | P10 Dual Purpose Fence Energizer

$ 119.99

​​​​​​​​Brand: Patriot
Type: Fence Energizer/AC & DC Powered
Product #: 803402
Color: Black
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Powers up to 100 acres (30 miles) of electric horse fencing

Features and Benefits:
  • Low impedance
  • 1.0 Joules of output power
  • 1.3 Joules of stored power
  • Power adapter and battery leads are included
  • 12V/110V

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer warranty

I would recommend this product

'I use electric fence to fence cows from a river and keep deer and raccoons out of my garden. My fence passes through tall grass and willows(often wet with dew) near the river. The patriot P10. a marine deep cycle battery and 10 watt solar panel does the job. Best DC system I have ever used.”

Marvin L

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