Patriot | P20 Dual Purpose Fence Energizer

$ 154.99

​​​​​​​​​Brand: Patriot
Type: Fence Energizer/AC & DC Powered
Product #: 803403
Color: Black
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Powers up to 200acres (50 miles) of electric horse fencing

Features and Benefits:
  • Low impedance
  • 2.0 Joules of output power
  • 2.7 Joules of stored power
  • Power adapter and battery leads are included
  • 12V/110V

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer warranty

Keeps My Goats In!


'I had an inexpensive energizer from the local feed store. After a few months my three goats started literally walking over the fence (it is one of those portable. flexible pole types)! Partly my fault because I accidentally left the fence off for two days and they got a lot of practice walking over it quickly. so even when I turned it back on. they were willing to endure the very mild shock. Digital fence gauge showed around 4kV near the charger. But when I put the P20 on there. oh boy. now they stay inside again. Digital fence gauge shows over 10 kV near the charger with the P20. And it is the same fence in the same place with the same wires and ground system. Also. my poor puppy wasn't expecting such a bad shock either. He is a spirited dog. though and he is fine now. He does make a point of keeping a couple of inches of clearance between his nose and the fence though. The shock is powerful enough that I don't think the goats will be willing to risk finding out if the fence is on (they used to do this sometimes). so even if I accidentally leave it off again. I bet the goats will stay inside.”

McKenzie K
Santa Cruz. CA

Works Great

'The P20 is an economical and long lasting energizer. I accidentally left one out this past winter (in Wisconsin) and it is working just fine this spring. I have 6 of them now and use them on the sheep's electronet fences and the cattle's 3 wire fences.”

Laura W

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