Fi-Shock® 1/2' Polytape Splicer

$ 14.99

Brand: Fi-Shock
Type: Fasteners/Brackets
Product #: PAHTS-FS
Size: 15
Ideal Uses: Splicing polytape up to 1/2' wide. This splicer allows for fast. secure joining of poly tape rolls.

Need a fast easy way to splice 1/2' polytape?


Our Fi-Shock® 1/2' Polytape Splicer Buckle splices together 1/2' polytape quickly and easily.  It's designed for fast. secure joining of polytape rolls.  Stainless steel buckle will not rust or corrode.

  • 1/2' Polytape splicer connector
  • Connects one polytape to another without losing juice
  • Packaged 3 per card