PolyPlus | Quik End Termination

$ 2.52

Brand: Poly Plus 
Type: Fasteners/Connectors
Product #: 385462. 385463. 385464
Color: White. Black. or Brown 
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Terminating wire fencing quick and easy 

Note* The use of a ratchet tensioner on the opposite end of fencing is still required. 

In order to use this with the Poly Plus you need to strip about 1 1/2' of the couating in order to put the wire into the Quik End. Then. you wrap the PolyPlus fencing around the end post and hook the Quik End to the Poly Plus. Use a U shaped barbed stable to secure the line from slipping down the post. 

*Do not pinch the wire. This product can also be used with White Lightning when using Insultube to insulate.