Fi-Shock® Small Corner/End Post Insulator

$ 134.75

Brand: Fi-Shock
Type: Fasteners/Insulators
Product #: MP-6
Color: White
Size: 250/box
Ideal Uses: Insulating wooden corner posts or end posts along wire fences. This durable small corner/end post porcelain insulator is designed for wooden posts and can be used with a variety of wire types.

Electric fence insulators allow you to fasten electrified wire to the post without losing energy through the post. It is very important to match the type of wire and the type of fence post.


Our Fi-Shock® Small Corner/End Post Insulators are made from porcelain and are designed for wooden posts. They can be used with steel wire. aluminum wire. polyrope. and polywire. They come in a durable. white porcelain and have a lifetime guarantee. Packed 10 per box.

  • Small corner/end post porcelain insulator for wooden posts
  • Can be used with steel wire. aluminum wire. polyrope and polywire. (Not recommended for polytape)
  • Comes in white color porcelain
  • Packed 10 per box