Zareba® | T-Post Poly Tape Insulator

$ 11.76

Brand: Zareba
Type: Fasteners/Insulators
Product #: ITTB-Z. ITTW-Z
Color: Black. White
Size: 25/bag
Ideal Uses: Holding poly tape tightly to prevent movement on your T-post. 

This T-post poly tape insulator helps prevent problems from arising with your electric fence by keeping the poly tape from moving on the T-post.


Our Zareba® White T-Post Poly Tape Insulator is molded of heavy-duty polyethylene. The large flange prevents arcing. The insulator includes a tape holder which unlocks for easy installation.


This white insulator fits 1.25 and 1.33 T-posts. It is is packed 25 per bag.