Gallagher | Weigh Scale & Data Recorder W810

$ 2,149.99

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Brand: Gallagher 
Type: Accessories/Tools
Product #: G01805
Color: Orange/Black
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Recording Data and Weighing Horses

Features and Benefits:
  • Large easy to read display
  • Tough shock and waterproof case
  • Simple to use with large rotary selector knob
  • Internal rechargeable battery with charge indicator and low voltage shutdown to protect battery
  • Continue weighing session while charging battery with AC adapter or external battery
  • Plug in different weight capacity Weigh Bars for different applications: 
  • Indicator automatically recognizes Weigh Bars’ capacity and auto calibrates
  • Compatible with most animal weighing Weigh Bars
  • Three weighing modes: 
  • Auto weighing – animal weight locks automatically for fast hands free weighing
  • Manual weighing – operator retains control of weighing cycle by pressing WEIGH key
  • Fine weighing – small load weighing with no zero tracking for greater accuracy
  • Up to nine way drafting: 
  • Draft by weight
  • Draft gate assignment saved for later computer analysis
  • RS232 output drives Auto Drafter gates
  • Draft statistics displayed while weighing
  • Draft by EID number (selected at computer) 
  • RS232 output for sending weight to peripheral devices. such as computers or printers
  • Second screen for statistics display shows number weighed. maximum and minimum individual weights
  • Direct interface to EID reader and automated drafters
  • Memory capacity and weight records for 21.000 animals and 60.000 weight records
  • Bluetooth wireless connection for EID readers
  • Enter notes. custom traits and edit data during weighing session: 
  • 15 digit visual tag number assigned against EID tag number
  • 2 digit condition score entered on keypad
  • Hands free entry and storage of EID tags when animals are first scanned
  • Edit records on screen during weighing session
  • Assigns date of every weight
  • Animal notes stored with each weighing record
  • Configure trait table on computer for capturing specific animal attributes while weighing
  • Assign visual tags against EID tag number
  • Choose display screen’s content while weighing: 
  • Statistics screen (standard weighing and drafting stats when drafting) 
  • Daily Average Weight gain and weight gain graphing
  • Carcass weight display
  • Animal record display (displays individual animal data during the weighing session)
  • Duplicate tag warning in current session minimizes incorrect tag number entry
  • Scroll through records in previous weighing sessions on screen
  • Myscale software supplied: 
  • Easy download of records from scale to computer
  • Easy download of sessions from computer to scale
  • Session editor to review saved records
  • View session stats on saved sessions in session editor
  • View trait table attributes from saved session
  • Backlit screens for use in sheds
  • QWERTY keyboard for alphanumeric IDs
  • View results of draft by list session

 1 year manufacturer warranty