White Lightning 1.320 Ft. Electric Coated Wire

$ 175.00

Brand: White Lightning
Type: Electric Fencing/High Tensile (Wire)
Product #: 380006. 380008. 380010
Size: 1
Color: White. Black. Brown
Ideal Uses: Keeping horses in and predators out

Features and Benefits:
  • Unique co-polymer coated 12.5 gauge galvanized high-tensile steel wire
  • Similar to ordinary high-tensile electric fence wire. yet superior in quality and safety due to its horse-friendly co-polymer coating
  • Highly visible with polymer and highly charged black carbon to create the perfect fence

Warranty: 20 year manufacturer warranty

Centaur High Tensile Wire

'I am a big fan of Hi-Tensile wire fencing and have used it around livestock and horses since the early 80's and have had really good success. I have had no major problems with using Hi-Tensile for horses.”

Hagerstown. MD

Centaur HTP

'I had the Centaur fence installed six years ago and it has been a great product. I would use it again.”