Keeping Deer Out!

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Deer are strong animals that tend to strike at night - so do not get the S10, S16, S20, or S40. These energizers are great but they are not meant for keeping deer away. The chargers have a day/night sensor - so at night time, the pulse rate drops to conserve battery life. 

You will need an energizer that can put out at least 1 joule of energy. It's okay if it's slightly under a joule. 

We recommend the following products for keeping deer out:

Fencing: Consider getting Turbo Tape. It's visible, so deer can see it, and it's WAY MORE conductive than poly tape. 

Fence Chargers: For Battery Units - check into the MB150  which have the option of coming with AC or DC capabilities.  For plug in units - check out the M120 or M160 to start.

Posts: Use Fiberglass Rod Posts where a stronger, stiffer fence post is required .



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