Installation Guides and User Manuals

For user manuals and guides on how to install specific products, please refer to the links below. Note: The guides below may be general to the type of product and instructions specific to item purchased should be followed. 


Gallagher Energizers

Mains/ Plug In Powered

M10     M30     M60     M120     M160     M360     M560     M800     M1100     M1500     M5800i     M10000i 


MB150     MBS200     MBS400     MBS800     MB1000     MB1800i     MB2800i

Battery Powered

B10     B60      

Solar Powered

S10     S16     S20     S40     S100     S200     S400


Speedrite Energizers

Mains/Plug In Powered

36000RS    46000W     630000RS

1000    2000     3000     6000     6000i     12000i    18000i

Battery Powered

AN20     AN90

Solar Powered

S500     S1000     1J Solar System     2J Solar System     3J Solar System


Dare Energizers

All Enforcer, Sentry, and Eclipse 

Additional Supplement for Eclipse Solar Chargers 

Red Sizzle Energizers

Mains, Battery, Multi Powered Chargers

Solar Chargers


Centaur Fencing

Hot Rail - 5" Rail

Centaur HTP - 5" Rail

Cenflex - 5" Rail

PolyPlus Coated Wire

White Lightning Electric Coated Wire


Miraco Waterers

Spanish and French Manuals available upon request

MiraFount / E-Fount

EQUIFount 1100 / 1200

Lil' Spring 2700 / 2800 / 2900

Lil' Spring 3000

Lil' Spring 3100

Lil' Spring 3200

Lil' Spring 3500

Big Spring 6000

Big Spring 6100

Big Spring 6200 / 6300 / 6400


Energizer Remote/Fault Finder