BeeKeeper Fence Supplies

Our beekeeper kit will provide you all the necessary tools to prevent your not so friendly bears from your coveted honey.  Here are a few helpful recommendations when constructing your fence:

-Keep a minimum of 300' distance from the nearest trees.  An open area is encouraged as bears prefer to be surrounded by foliage.

-3.5' high, space sires 8" apart, bottom wire should be a maximum of 8" off the ground.

-Keep hives a minimum of 3' away from fence line.

-Keep the fence line clean and remove any old combs or sugary foods from the area that will give off a sugary scent.

The below items are recommended for your bear deterrent fence.  We recommend either the M30 (plug in) or S40 (solar) chargers.  These will protect your precious honey from those sticky finger bears.  They are to be used on 2-5 miles of typical fences.  Should you need to contain a larger area please consult the Energizer chart to help you determine which energizer is right for you.