Cow Fence Supplies

Fencing in cows offers a wide range of products and specifications.  We we put together our most frequently ordered items to help you with the construction of your fence. 

-The number of wires varies between 1-5.  One wire can be used for trained cattle but for younger or stockier herds you may need up to 5.  You will likely need more wires and a stronger energizer if you are fencing in bulls or keeping other predators out.  

-Spacing of the wire(s) is important.  Be careful not to shock behind the eyes and typically causes the animal to move forward instead of backward.

-Keep posts 50 - 100' apart

We recommend either the M10 (plug in) or S10 (solar) chargers.  Both options give 0.5 miles of typical fence.  Should you need to contain a larger area please consult the Energizer chart to help you determine which energizer is right for you.