Miraco | Heater Kit

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A convenient all in one heater kit includes the 543 Immersion heater and 919 plug in cable heater.  Help protect your automatic waterer from freezing in the colder temperatures.  This heater kit is available in 110/220 volts.  It is thermostat controlled for the highest efficiency.  Installation is easy - simply install in the waterer and plug the cable line under the waterer.  

It is designed with the safety of your animal in mind!  The protected feet add circulation and efficiency to ensure maximum heat while safely keeping electrical lines away from your animals.

NOTE: During the warmer months remove this unit from your waterer to help lengthen the life of your heater.  The disc is teflon coated but when emerged in the water, deposits can accumulate over time.  Once it is removed wipe down with a clean cloth and store in a dry spot until further use.

Complimentary Parts

A919/5 Cable Line for Heater

A543 Immersion Heater

A162/A613 Full Heater Kit - for BigSpring units

Which models Use this?

LilSpring 2700, 2800, 2900, 3000, 3100, 3200 (250 watt)

Warranty 1 Year

For further assistance on finding your part, please call 815-797-9636 or email us at sales@redstonesupply.com.

      Product Information

      • Brand: Miraco
      • Type: Watering
      • Product #: A160
      • Warranty: 1


      Ask a Question
      • Where does the heater go in this unit? Does it float in the waterer. Do you have a diagram?

        When using the 250/500 watt Miraco heater, install with a properly grounded electrical line. The heater is to be placed in the valve compartment under the 4x4 bob float. The power cord is connected in the area where the water line is located. If you have questions on your specific unit please email us at sales@redstonesupply.com for more information and an installation manual.

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