Sheet or Goat Fence

Parts in bold are packages that include the parts listed below them.

Goats are some of the cleverest and thrifty animals as I am sure you may already know.  They are escape artists and thus require a little extra shock to keep  a healthy respect for your fence.

-We recommend a 35 - 48" high fence. 

-Posts should be every 12"

-Be sure to have either very small squares or large 12" squares so their horns do not get stuck in the fence.

-Generally goats and sheep are more likely to crawl under the fence rather than jump it.  We recommend the lowest wire be no more than 8" from the ground.  However, if you do have a goat jumping over your fence you may consider an offset wire to prevent jumping.

The below items are recommended to contain your stubborn goats and sheep.  We recommend either the M120 (plug in) or S100 (solar) chargers.   They are to be used on 6-8 miles of typical fences.  Should you need to contain a larger area please consult the Energizer chart to help you determine which energizer is right for you.

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Gallagher | M120 Energizer $ 119.99
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Gallagher | S100 Energizer $ 499.99
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Gallagher | Turbo Electric Netting $ 186.66
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Gallagher | 3' Ground Rod T-Handle $ 8.99
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Gallagher | Neon Tester $ 28.99
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Gallagher | Warning Sign $ 4.19
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