The following are websites that we have found helpful for resources related to horse fencing topics:

If you have any interest in putting together a fencing system with Gallagher fence products, this is a great resource to make sure you've put together your plan correctly.

Charities and Equine Rescue Organizations & Veterinary Services

Horse Farms and Breeders etc

Equine Services & Products 

Horse and Livestock Associations

 News & Resources

Livestock Sites

  • We provide original, informative articles, a directory of sheep breeds, equipment reviews and useful advice.
  • Riley Built ® - To providing quality hoof trimming chutes and hoof trimming equipment to customers around the world.
  • Holistic Livestock - Offers natural products for healthy livestock.
  • Ikh Nart Nature Reserve - A nature reserve located in the Dornogobi Aimag or East Gobi Province of Mongolia.
  • AspenDance Alpacas - To offer a number of alpaca-related services including farm sitting, website design, and shearing.
  • Beef Cow Efficiency
  • Livestock & Land
  • MJA Cattle Scan
  • Sustainable Genetics - A beef cattle genetic marketing company that can realistically help enhance the profitability of your operation.
  • AUS-MEAT Limited - Offers a large range of services throughout Australia including Management, Auditing, Training and Consultancy to all sectors of the Meat and Livestock Industries.

Horse Shows & Events