Centaur | CenFlex 5" Rail Horse Fencing

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The CenFlex 5" Rail Horse Fencing is the more cost effective of the two premier non-conductive horse fencing rails that Centaur offers. It provides the same top-of-industry technology that makes Centaur one of horse fencing's most innovative companies. The CenFlex rail features Centaur's signature polymer coating, so it will never split or rot, providing a huge advantage in protecting the animals from accident. The flexing technology draws from the full strength of the rail, making it able to support up to 4,000 pounds of pressure at any given point. Essentially, a horse running at this fence, even at full speed, would harmlessly bounce off, maintaining the health of the horse and preventing huge losses. 

Features and Benefits:
  • CenFlex installs faster than wood/PVC -
    Great do-it-yourself option!
  • Will never splinter, rust or rot! -
    Almost no maintenance required!
  • Withstands expansion due to temperature changes -
    No snapping or sagging rails!
  • Continuous rails allow impact absorption along entire fence -
    Prevents broken fencing and injury to animals
  • CenFlex Rail is manufactured in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA
    Centaur products are manufactured in the USA
  • Easily combined with other Centaur fencing
    Can easily fit your budget or design needs
  • Prices starting at $0.59 per foot (single rail)
  • Three 12.5 gauge galvanized high tensile steel wires embedded in a polymer coating
    Over 4,000 lbs in break strength (weight of a mid-size SUV)

Warranty: 20 year limited manufacturer warranty covers all manufacturer defects including chipping, peeling or other effects of weather. Read more here.

​Brand: CenFlex

Type: High Tensile Polymer (HTP)
Product #: 381050, 381053, 381056, 381051, 381054, 381057
Color: White, Black, Brown
Size: 330' or 660'
Ideal Uses: Permanent horse fencing 

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Centaur HTP 5"
vs. This Product

Difference #1: Cenflex is our most economical 5" rail.  It comes with a 20 year warranty as opposed to HTP's warranty of 30 years.

Difference #2: Cenflex is several millimeters thinner than the HTP.

Difference #3: A Cenflex uses the 1-piece vs. 2-piece bracket. Centaur HTP 5" standard brackets are constructed in 2 pieces to lift them off of the posts and prevent wear over time.





Warranty (YRS)



Centaur HTP 5"





2 Piece Bracket

CenFlex 5"

(this prodict)





1 Piece Bracket



Reviews From Cenflex Customers

Low Maintenance Fencing Saves Time

"The best fence product I’ve ever seen. We have a small farm and a good portion of my time has always been spent maintaining fences. Not anymore.”

Edgewood, NM

12 Miles of Fencing, 6 Hours of Maintenance = One Happy Fence Owner

"We installed 12 miles of Centaur Fencing on our new farm in Saratoga-County, New York, in the spring of 1987, and have spent less than six hours in the past 18 months on maintenance. However, its greatest asset to our operation is the safety factor. Horses just do not get hurt when they come into contact with this fence.”

-Blue Sky Farm

Product Information

  • Brand: Redstone Supply
  • Type: 5" Rail
  • Product #: 381051
  • Warranty: 20


Ask a Question
  • What size wood post (diameter) do you recommend?  

    The posts should be between 4-8" in diameter depending on where it is.  You will need a 6-8" post for the corner and end posts.  The line posts can be between 4-8".

  • How far apart should the fence posts be?

    Post spacing should be anywhere from 8' - 12' apart

  • How do you attach it to your post

    Our 1-piece brackets are used to attached to the posts using our  2 1/2" screws.

  • Can you use with galvanized steel posts?

    Centaur 5" rail requires wood posts or steel pipe posts.

  • do you sale the post

    We do not sell the wood posts. We recommend sourcing those from a local lumber yard.

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