Centaur | Hot Rail 5" Rail Electric Fence

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The Hot Rail 5" Rail Electric Fence is the best electric rail product that Centaur offers. It's made with Centaur's signature polymer coating that's meant to keep your animals safe from both themselves and outside predators. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Electricity-insulated brackets
    Easy and safe installation
  • No need for a separate hot wire to provide electric charge
    Safe and easy electric containment & protection
  • Continuous rails allow impact absorption along entire fence
    Prevents broken fencing and injury to animals
  • Easily combined with other Centaur rail or strand fencing
    Easily fits your budget or design needs
  • Withstands expansion due to temperature changes
    No snapping or sagging rails!
  • Prices starting at $0.98 per foot (single rail)
  • Three 12.5 gauge galvanized high tensile steel wires embedded in a polymer coating
    Break strength of 4050 lbs (Weight of a mid-size SUV)

Warranty: 30 year manufacturer warranty

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​Brand: Hot Rail
Type: High Tensile Polyer (Rail)
Product #: 381080, 381083, 381086, 381081, 381083, 381086
Color: White, Black, Brown
Size: 330' or 660'
Ideal Uses: Electric horse fencing for keeping predators out and horses in




Product Information

  • Brand: Centaur
  • Type: 5" Rail
  • Product #: 381081
  • Warranty: 30


Ask a Question
  • Any reason not to use for cattle?

    Yes, this is safe for many animals including cattle.

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