Centaur | Spinning Jenny

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The Spinning Jenny is perfect for those searching for ease and convenience when loading rolls of fence. If you're going to be installing a fence, the Spinning Jenny is absolutely a must -- especially if you're installing wire or line fencing; it's nearly impossible to install without the one. The heavy duty steel tubing makes the Spinning Jenny remarkably durable and able to handle the toughest of jobs. The Jenny features an easy-to-assemble design, and will save you time and effort in your fence installation. If you need to pay out some rail, you need the Spinning Jenny. 

  • Fits all Centaur products and high Tensile wire. 
  • Controls over-spin with an adjustable brake
  • Strong, four leg base gives great stability 
  • Adjustable arms provide ease and convenience when loading rail
  • Strong steel frame


Performance Characteristics 

  • 40 in. deep
  • 40 in. wide
  • 12 in high 
  • 36 lbs. 
  • Steel 


Product Information 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Brand: Centaur/PolyPlus/CenFlex 

Type: Accessories/Tools
Product #: 385120
Color: Black
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Loading the roll of fence for easier installation

Product Information

  • Brand: Centaur
  • Type: Tools
  • Product #: 385120


Ask a Question
  • Does your spinning Jenny hold the entire 660 feet of cenflex?

    Correct, this spinning jenny can hold an entire 660' 5" rail or 1320' of coated wire fencing.

  • Will this unit hold 4000' of smooth wire?

    It can hold about 1320 feet of coated wire.

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