Centaur | Termination Bracket

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The Termination Bracket is for ending whichever rail line you need ended. Especially compatible with the rail lines produced by Centaur: the Centaur HTP, CenFlex, and the Hot Rail. 

Brand: Centaur

Type: Fasteners/Brackets
Product #: 385443, 385444, 385445
Color: White, Black, Brown
Size: 1
Ideal Uses: Termination Purposes

Product Information

  • Brand: Centaur
  • Type: 5" Rail
  • Product #: 385443


Ask a Question
  • Would it be best to use termination brackets at the end of the line (at gate) or the barrel tensioner. Plan on running a full 660 ft line to gate x 3. Please advise what would be best..thank you

    Each stretch of fence should have a tensioner at one end and a termination bracket at the other. Whichever end you put either of those is entirely up to you. Please call 815-797-9636 if you have any additonal Centaur fencing questions.

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