Patriot | 3 Ground Rod Kit

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Features and Benefits

Complete kit for building an energizer ground system

Kit includes: 3 – 5 ft. stainless steel ground rods, 3 ground rod clamps, 50 ft of steel wire, and instructions.

Product Information

  • Brand: Patriot
  • Type: Grounding
  • Product #: 826479


Ask a Question
  • I am installing an electric fence for a home garden. The fence will be 20' x 30'. We have deer in the area so I have a charger rated at 3.1 joules. I will be using 1/2" poly fence flat wire (5 strands around the perimeter). Will the Grounding kit (product # 826479) work for this small area? Are the 3 grounding rods enough. I live in Central Kentucky and we get the normal amount of rain (approx. 45" annual).

    Yes, you can use the grounding kit for this setup.  We recomend a very moist area for your grounding rods as it helps with the maximizing the current.

  • (product 826479 three ground rod kit) Can all 3 rods and steel wire be buried completely?

    It is recommended that the rods be buried as much as possible with only a couple inches sticking out of the ground.

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