One Way Anchor Vise - 10 Pack

$ 33.95

Available in 3 Sizes:

  • 8-11 Gauge Wire Fit
  • 12.5 Gauge Wire Fit
  • 14.5-16 Gauge Wire Fit

Ideal For Use With:

  • Horse & Small Animal Fencing
  • Grape Trellis
  • All other wire fence/line applications


Typical uses include installation in wood posts followed by wire threading and tensioning. To install, drill a hole through your anchor post, thread the line through the hole and through the anchor vise. Upond threading through the anchor vise pull until the desired tension is reached (may vary greatly depending on fence material and application). Wire tension will not be released as the wire vise allows wire to travel in only a single direction.

Regular tightening will be required depending on the fencing material as the high tension tends to stretch the wire and cause it to sag slightly over time. Simply repeat the tightening procedures to re-tighten the wire.