Centaur | Centaur HTP 5" Rail Horse Fencing

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This is the one that started it all. The Centaur HTP (High Tensile Polymer) Rail Fencing is the original top quality non-conductive fence that has made Centaur one of the most trusted names in the industry. Its high quality polymer coating keeps that distinct, traditional look without the dangers of splintering or rotting that frequently destroy wooden rails.

  • Centaur HTP 5" fencing installs faster than wood/PVC -
    Great do-it-yourself option!
  • Will never splinter, rust or rot! -
    Almost no maintenance required!
  • Withstands expansion due to temperature changes -
    No snapping or sagging rails!
  • Continuous rails allow impact absorption along entire fence -
    Prevents broken fencing and injury to animals
  • Centaur Rail is manufactured in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA
    Centaur products are manufactured in the USA
  • Easily combined with other Centaur fencing
    Can easily fit your budget or design needs
  • Prices starting at $0.83 per foot (single rail)
  • Three 12.5-gauge high tensile steel wires coated in polymer -
    Over 4,200 lbs in break strength (weight of a mid-siz SUV)


Warranty: 30 year manufacturer warranty. Centaur HTP fence products carry a 30 year limited warranty, but as the earliest test installations near that age, we find them to be in near-perfect condition, so your 30-year fence might easily end up being a 30-year (or more) fence.

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​​​​​​​​​Brand: Centaur

Type: High Tensile Polymer (HTP)
Product #: 381000, 381003, 381006, 381001, 381004, 381007
Color: White, Black, Brown
Size: 330' or 660'
Ideal Uses: Permanent horse fencing 



Cenflex 5" vs. Centaur HTP 5" (This Product) 

Difference #1: Centaur HTP 5" is our deluxe or high-end product and comes with a 30-year warranty as opposed to 20 years.

Difference #2: Several millimeters of difference in thickness (Cenflex being slightly thinner)

Difference #3: A 1-piece vs. 2-piece bracket. Centaur HTP 5" standard brackets are constructed in 2 pieces to lift them off of the posts and prevent wear over time.





Warranty (YRS)



Centaur HTP 5"





2 Piece Bracket

CenFlex 5"





1 Piece Bracket



Reviews From Cenflex Customers

Centaur Horse Fencing

"I used Centaur around my outdoor arena as well as a couple of paddocks for my two stallions. Nearing nine years old, the webbing looks pretty good but the clips that nail to the posts have dulled out.
Overall, it needs little maintenance and I am quite happy with it."


Product Information

  • Brand: Centaur
  • Type: 5" Rail
  • Product #: 381001
  • Warranty: 30


Ask a Question
  • how tight do you have to pull the fence when installing?

    For any questiosn regarding Centaur installation please call Centaur direct at 1-800-348-7787

  • I saw the Covid warning about ship times, what is the shipping time for both the Centaur 5" CenFlex and HTP fencing? I'm ready to order!

    Currently, there is a 10-14 week lead time on all Centaur orders that consist of any type of fencing roll.

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